The Hidden Secret to Success in Real Estate and Business Growth

It’s a well-known truism among writers that good ideas rarely strike when you’re immersed in the humdrum of daily routine. I’ve found this to be particularly true as I’ve been working tirelessly on my forthcoming book about real estate and ardently positioning our firm for future growth. It’s a fascinating dual process – distilling my knowledge into a tangible asset, the book, while strategizing and implementing ideas to expand our business footprint. It’s in the midst of the unfamiliar or unexpected – a fresh conversation, a new landscape, or an impromptu adventure – that my creativity tends to ignite, fueling a cascade of innovative ideas that benefit not just my writing, but our firm’s growth strategies as well.


Creative thinking isn’t just the preserve of writers, though. It’s vital for everyone, and particularly crucial for those of us in the business world. Whether you’re a real estate tycoon or a startup founder, creativity allows you to discover hidden connections, build compelling narratives around your offerings, and provide value in unexpected ways. It is the core of visionary entrepreneurship and the secret ingredient in the recipe for success in client advisory roles.


We often romanticize creativity as a divine spark, something innate and unpredictable. In contrast, Rick Rubin, the acclaimed American record producer, argues in his book “The Creative Act: A Way of Being” that creativity is a skill that can be honed with deliberate effort. The idea is that creativity, like any other skill, can be developed and improved over time.


Drawing inspiration from the life of the polymath Leonardo da Vinci, one can see that relentless curiosity and a constant willingness to observe and question are the essence of creative growth. Just as Leonardo combined observation with imagination to become a stellar innovator, we too can use these tools to keep our creative juices flowing. After all, who knows what our own version of the Mona Lisa or St. Jerome in the Wilderness could look like?


Embracing new experiences is one key to fostering creativity. When we break free from routine, we also break free from predictability, opening ourselves up to the full spectrum of creative thought. This could be as simple as taking a different route to the office, or immersing yourself in a culture different from your own. The broader our worldview, the wider the pool of ideas we have to draw from.


Nature, too, can be an amazing catalyst for creativity. The quiet tranquility of the outdoors allows for a state of “soft fascination,” a mindful focus on the world around us that can lead to a surge in creative ideas. Even a simple walk in the park can spark a new thought or an innovative solution to a problem.


Documentation is also a vital step in the creative process. Just like da Vinci, keeping a record of your ideas helps to solidify them and prevent them from slipping away. Keep a notebook or a digital note-taking app handy for these creative bursts.


Similarly, do not underestimate the value of idleness and solitude. They create the perfect environment for your mind to wander, giving rise to unexpected and novel ideas. Boredom isn’t a roadblock to creativity, but rather, it can be a catalyst. It’s the mental nudge that pushes you to ‘do something’ and often, that ‘something’ can be quite creative.


So, the next time you feel trapped in the monotony of daily life, try breaking free from routine. Explore new environments, engage with different cultures, and don’t forget to document your journey. Embrace solitude, let your mind wander, and see where boredom leads you. These are the strategies that I’ve found to keep me creatively sharp in my writing journey, and they might just work for you too. Just as creativity is critical in shaping my book, it’s vital in envisioning a successful business or being an effective advisor to your clients. Remember, creativity isn’t a gift but a skill, and with a little effort, we can all get better at it.


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