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Sale-Leaseback Transactions

Obsido Commercial’s professional team is dedicated to assisting businesses in unlocking capital from their real estate through sale-leaseback transactions. These transactions include the owner-user selling their real estate asset to private and institutional buyers and then leasing it back as a tenant. Our brokers have access to over 300,000 private investors and institutional money across the United States as well as years of knowledge that has shown to be useful for businesses trying to unlock equity.

Our team of professionals can assist you in considering all of the details involved in a sale-leaseback transaction, such as assessing the value of your property, identifying the real estate assets to leaseback, marketing the property, and negotiating the most appropriate lease for your firm. With Obsido Commercial on your side, you can be confident that your sale-leaseback transaction will be handled correctly.

Why work with Obsido Commercial to explore your sale-leaseback?

Capitalize on your real estate opportunities

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Expertise & Access

We have extensive market expertise and access to private and institutional capital, allowing us to save clients time while also maximizing the value released by constructing the appropriate lease and purchase structure.

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Exceptional Representation

Obsido provides exceptional representation to a small number of clients, ranging from start-ups to publicly traded companies, rather than mediocrity to a large number of clients.

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National Reach

We invest heavily in systems and tools to ensure that our clients have the same access as they would get with a national firm. This means that we make sure your property will be seen by the same breadth of prospects across the country.

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Single Transaction

Simply put, we will work directly for the seller in order to obtain the maximum possible price for their real estate assets. Because the property is being sold directly to the investor, one-time sales can fetch some of the most aggressive prices. 

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Obsido helps businesses navigate build-to-suit (BTS) facilities. We can streamline the process by coordinating construction and lease arrangements. Our industry knowledge can help organizations expand their footprint.

Post M&A

Obsido frequently works with business owners who are in transition. In many circumstances, their firm may be sold, but they retain ownership of the underlying real estate. In this situation, some characteristics of the M&A transaction serve as the catalysts for a successful sale-leaseback deal. Allow us to be your partner in securing the details that will increase value.

Portfolio Sale

Obsido will leverage its extensive network to arrange a multi-property sale. A portfolio transaction places a greater emphasis on the timing and certainty of a closing, resulting in a transaction that is less sensitive to market swings.

Tailored Solutions for You

Unlock Equity, Grow Your Business

Obsido Commercial recognizes that each client has distinct investing goals. We tailor solutions to your needs. Our team can exceed your strategic and financial goals in sale-leaseback agreements, a niche with numerous factors. Allow us to be your dependable partner in ensuring a smooth and successful transaction.

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