Our services

We make the sell, hold or buy experience intelligent and seamless.

Obsido Commercial is building a modern commercial real estate platform focused on collaboration with our clients, pairing top talent with technology to make the sell, hold, and buy experience intelligent and seamless.

We specialize in advisory services, transaction management, property sales, and 1031 Exchanges for investment properties including single-tenant and multi-tenant retail, industrial, office, and urban properties in Central Texas.


OBSIDO is defined in Latin as “to be invested in”.

At our beginning, we believed both as individuals and as a company, this most embodied one of our shared core values of being invested in our relationships with family, friends, and our clients."

What makes us different?

Boutique service with a national reach.

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Top Technology

Unlike our competitors, we are not dragging decades of outdated technology behind us, which enables us to move and innovate quickly. For our clients, this makes the search, sell, and buy experience intelligent and seamless.

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Utilizing resources and technology on the forefront of our industry, we are committed to be viewed as our market specialists. For our clients, this innovative & entrepreneurial thinking leads to bridging their objectives of today with their goals of the future.

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National Reach

We invest heavily in systems and tools to ensure that our clients have the same access as they would get with a national firm. This means that we make sure your property will be seen by the same breadth of prospects across the country.

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Advisory services

We understand the market is always changing. As an innovative commercial real estate brokerage, we tackle this change by taking a creative and proactive approach, but most importantly, we are invested in our client’s objectives.

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Property sales

Because we are a sales-focused platform, we have the ability to really zero in on what our client’s objectives are and how we can help bridge those objectives with their goals of the future.

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Transaction management

By employing a “team-based approach” to brokerage, our entire brokerage team will be fully engaged in the each step necessary to sell your property or target assets for acquisition. These efforts will be spearheaded by your broker and maintained with the help of our support team.

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1031 exchanges

With access to the largest inventory of vetted, on-market & off-market commercial real estate property for sale in Central Texas, as well as our wealth of localized market knowledge, we have made an art of matching sellers with buyers.

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